Secrets by Sen Mack author

Things aren’t always as they seem.

Emma Foley, a 22 year old University law student, arrives home to find her father Luke bent over the bath, her mother, Holly in his arms and pills on the bench. Paramedics are called but it’s too late.

When Senior Detective Kristina Hamilton is called to attend the scene of the suicide, she has other thoughts about what might have happened. How many bath drownings are actually suicides?

The same day, multiple bodies are found in Mt. Disappointment state forest, now she has a serial killer on the loose.

But what is the connection between Holly and the bodies in the forest?

After searching her mother’s room, Emma discovers she kept a secret for years and now her goal is to not only discover her mother's secret, but what happened that day. She embarks on a journey which leads her in a totally unexpected direction.


Sen Mack is a Melbourne based author who developed a love for writing late in her life.

Her career in the funeral industry instilled a discipline needed to take on writing as a full time career with her debut novel Secrets. Her next novel Lake Sherlock set in Daylesford and another murder mystery, is well under way as Sen moves into her new writing journey. Stay tuned for that one.

Secrets full Book Cover

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I'm an avid reader, particularly of intrigue, mysteries and crime and just gotta say -
Wow!! As a first novel you’ve smashed it.
The mark of a good book is one that I either can’t put down or more so for me one that I read over a number of days and it’s doesn’t leave me, constantly jumping into my thoughts throughout my day, rememberIng snippets and finding myself trying to figure out who the culprit was.
Very impressive, can’t wait for your next novel!

Beth Castles

I really loved your book. It kept me interested from the first page. I changed my mind so many times about who the killer was and I thought you brought the storyline altogether really well toward the end. I can't wait for your next book. Well done.
Stella Barker

Just finished reading SECRETS, which I enjoyed so much and very well written, also kept me captivated until the very end. I am now looking forward to reading your next novel. Congratulations Glenda, well done

Leslie Cochrane

I really enjoyed your work SECRETS very much. I was captured in the first few pages. Very pacey, left me feeling quite anxious, a 'how could that happen moment'. I felt that the secrets were very that, so very secret; and the uncovering of them was very effectively dealt with. A good plot with a depth of understanding of the human condition.

Jennifer Conroy

What a great read! I loved how the characters developed and all the twists and turns. Towards the end I couldn't put it down till I found out who did it lol. Look forward to your next book 🙂

Mandy Vis

I have just finished reading your book and loved it. This may sound strange but when the “type” changed for the serial killer, in my mind I could hear his voice as if he was speaking the words out loud. The story line kept me interested and guessing and overall was a great read that I didn’t want to put down. Will recommend to my friends. Thanks and hopefully you’ll consider doing another.


Hi Sen. I've just finished your book and I have to say I thought it was brilliant. I normally only read James Patterson. And yours was on a par! I'm not a quick reader but I read it in three days.

Jimmy Reynolds - Manchester U.K.

I see from your website, you are a debut author. Your writing is concise and your language plain and simple, easy to understand. From the start of the book, I found it hard to put down. It is a great story and held my interest with a good range of characters each with different personalities.

I hope you finish your second book soon. I'm keen to read it. Well Done, Sen.

Jovita Sugali

I finished the book last night, it was fantastic.  Well done. I was loving trying to guess who the killer was...

Very exciting, can’t wait for the next one


I have finished your book and just wanted to congratulate you. I enjoyed it very much and can tell you put a lot of effort into researching police procedures. Caroline also finished it and asked me to tell you she enjoyed it too. Well done! I’m looking forward to your next novel.

Steve Inman